Friday, February 20, 2009

Jay-Z- Before the Roc

a nice collection of rare, and unreleased material of JiggaMan mixed together by none other than DJ Rhude.. dont sleep on this joint, folks..

1. Jay-Z ft. Original Flavor- Can I Get Opin
2. Jay-Z ft. Sauce Money- Broken English
3. Jay-Z ft. Sauce Money- Pass the Roc
4. Jay-Z ft. Sauce Money- Get Off My D!ck
5. Jay-Z ft. Sauce Money- Rippin It Up
6. Jay-Z ft. Sauce Money- Nothing But Love
7. Sauce Money- Money Aint A Thing
8. Sauce Money- Serious
9. Sauce Money- Check Out The Horns
10. Jay-Z ft. Sauce Money- Under Pressure
11. Jay-Z- Understand Me
12. Jay-Z- The Greatest MC
13. Jay-Z ft. Sauce Money & Jaz-O- Cant Get Wit Dat
14. Jay-Z- In My Lifetime
15. Jay-Z- In My Lifetime(remix)
16. Jay-Z ft. Mic Geronimo, DMX & Ja Rule- Time To Build
17. Jay-Z- Cant Knock the Hustle(OG Version)
18. Jay-Z ft. Sauce Money- Dead or Alive
19. Jay-Z ft. Sauce Money & Memphis Bleek- Game Made Me
20. Jay-Z- Wishing On a Star
21. Jay-Z- This Life Forever(Unreleased Mix)

Jay-Z- Before the Roc

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