Wednesday, November 7, 2007 Presents Young Jeezy Vs Gucci Mane (Who Is The Trapstar?)

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new mixtape courtesy of the fine folks at featuring both, new and old cuts from the Snowman and Gucci. rated 10 stacks, by trapstars everywhere..
1.Gucci Mane- gucci do the dishes
2.Young Jeezy-Imma do me
3.Gucci Mane- Back to the traphouse
4.Young Jeezy- The shield
5.Gucci Mane- Kick a door
6.Young Jeezy- 5,000 ones
7.Gucci Mane- Baby
8.Young Jeezy- Hello, hello
9.Gucci Mane- Young Money
10.Young Jeezy- corporate thuggin remix
11.Gucci Mane- Streetz on lock
12.Young Jeezy- Straight up out the 'rarri
13.Gucci Mane- Swing my door
14.Young Jeezy& Dj Drama- Black Bandana
15.Gucci Mane- Dopeman
16.Young Jeezy & Dj Drama- Ziploc bag boys
17.Gucci Mane- Trapaholic
18.Young Jeezy, Slick Pulla & Dj Drama- CTE till the death
19.Gucci Mane- Million dollar man
20.Young Jeezy- 'Hundred million dollars
21.Gucci Mane- Stamp em
22.Young Jeezy- I'm so hood remix
23.Gucci Mane- I got money on the foor
24.Young Jeezy- Show you what it is
25.Gucci Mane- Lawn mower man
26.Young Jeezy- Brown paper bag
27.Gucci Mane- 745
28.Young Jeezy- Can't tell me nothin
29.Gucci Mane- Everybody know me
30.Young Jeezy- Hood nigga
31.Gucci Mane- carbon 14
32.Young Jeezy- skys the limit
33.Gucci Mane- War
34.Young Jeezy- Super clean
35.Gucci Mane- Round one
36.Young Jeezy- Stay strapped
37.Gucci Mane- So icey
38.Young Jeezy- So icey

*Bonus Track*

39. Gucci Mane, Lil Kim & Ludacris- Freaky girl remix outro

Young Jeezy Vs Gucci Mane (Who Is The Trapstar?)

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