Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Young Chris - Campaign For Change

i said it before. and ill say it again. Jay-Z stole this kids flow. and on top of that, Young Chris is light years ahead of him in ANY category. this message has been brought to you by

1. Intro
2. Freestyle
3. Days of our lives
4. Still in effect
5. Freestyle
6. Boss freestyle feat. neef
7. Dough ft. peedi crakk
8. Freestyle
9. Interlude
10. Poverty
11. Never die
12. Promised land
13. Freestyle
14. Just fire freestyle
15. Make it better
16. Rush ft beanie sigel
17. 4,3,2,1
18. Ocean seven ft. state property
19. Outro
20. Paradise ft. lil wayne
21. You dont even know

Young Chris - Campaign For Change

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