Monday, August 4, 2008

Brisco- From Dade to Duval

Duavl. Dade County. Stand da fokk up. Real N!gga Radio, and Bigga Rankin bring you that heat from the Goon squadillion- Brisco. hold up. Goon squadillion? i just made some shyt up! Just know dat, just know dat!

1. Godfather
2. Rnr intro
3. Bitch im me
4. Just know dat
5. This my life
6. Thug money
7. Stunt
8. Block vacant
9. Let's ride
10. Do me
11. In the hood
12. Ghetto
13. What u want
14. Fresh out
15. This is the life
16. Man of the year
17. Goon 4 life
18. On deck
19. Let it go
20. Same outfit
21. U already know
22. Rnr outro

Brisco- From Dade to Duval

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