Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Birthday Edition- Organized Konfusion, Masta Ace, Lauryn Hill & Gangstarr

as i approach the age of 26, for the 8th time. id like to take this time to hook yall up with some of my favorite albums of all time.. enjoy folks.

Organized Konfusion- Stress the Extinction Agenda

this is a straight up- classic.. til this very day- theres not one song ive ever "FF"'ed on this joint. Monch and Prine Po murder every cut..

1. Intro
2. Stress
3. The Extinction Agenda
4. Thirteen
5. Black Sunday
6. Drop Bombs
7. Bring It On
8. Why
9. Let's Organize
10. 3-2-1
11. Keep It Koming
12. Stray Bullet
13. Maintain

organized konfusion- stress the extinction agenda

Masta Ace Incorporated- Sittin on Chrome

yet another classsic.. i remember the day i purchased this cassette.. we mustve played the brown off the reel! the funniest thing is- until recently, i had no idea this album was knockin on west coast hip-hop..

1. Intro
2. The I.N.C. Ride
3. Eastbound
4. What's Going On!
5. The B-Side
6. Sittin' On Chrome
7. People In My Hood
8. Turn It Up
9. U Can't Find Me
10. Ain't No Game
11. Freestyle?
12. Terror
13. Da Answer
14. 4 Da Mind
15. Born To Roll
16. The Phat Kat Ride

Masta Ace Incorporated- Sittin on Chrome

Lauryn Hill- The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill

this is one of the most complete albums of our generation. if theres one track on this masterpiece that ANYONE thinks deserves a FF- holla at me..

1. Intro
2. Lost Ones
3. Ex-Factor
4. To Zion
5. Doo Wop (That Thing)
6. Superstar
7. Final Hour
8. When It Hurts So Bad
9. I Used To Love Him
10. Forgive Them Father
11. Every Ghetto, Every City
12. Nothing Even Matters
13. Everything Is Everything
14. The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill
15. Can't Take My Eyes Off You (hidden track)
16. Tell Him

Lauryn Hill- The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill

Gangstarr- Hard To Earn

everything about this album, makes it a great.. the beats supplied by Primo. the simple wordplay by Guru, and even the guest appearances(Jeru, Big Shug, Malachi the Nutcracker, and Group Home)- scream classic.. enjoy

1. Intro
3. Code Of The Streets
4. Brainstorm
5. Tonz 'O' Gunz
6. The Planet
7. Aiiight Chill...
8. Speak Ya Clout
10. Words From The Nutcracker
11. Mass Appeal
12. Blowin' Up The Spot
13. Suckas Need Bodyguards
14. Now You're Mine
15. Mostly Tha Voice
16. F.A.L.A.
17. Comin' For Datazz

Gangstarr- Hard To Earn

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Hessel said...

yo what's the password for Ms. Lauren's album? search all over the blog but cant find it.....

thanks in advance fam!

PS. got the album on vinyl, dont feel like rippin it now tho...