Monday, July 28, 2008

Ludacris - The Preview(hosted by DJ Drama)

hold up... this dude is a beast, on this joint! is this the Luda we're to expect on the new lp. or is he gone be talm bout "runaway lovers", and some other random shyt? i suppose we'll see.. until then- this, and that new Busta is holdin down the summer so far.

1. And starring
2. Still spittin'
3. Dtp magic (feat. willy northpole)
4. Get up get out (feat. block xchange)
5. So thoro
6. The vocalizer
7. Bigg ass house
8. 2 kings (feat. i-20)
9. Politics as usual
10. Look what i got (feat. playaz circle)
11. Pinky shinin' (feat. small world)
12. Shonuff revisited (feat. lil fate)
13. Ordinary negroes
14. Busta rhymes-throw it up (feat. lil wayne & ludacris)
15. La the darkman-coogi down (feat. willie the kid)
16. Im a dog (feat. playaz circle)
17. Smokin big kill (feat. shawnna)
18. Stay together
19. We aint worried bout you
20. Roll the credits
21. Been puttin on - secret song

Ludacris - The Preview(hosted by DJ Drama)

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