Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kanye West- Graduation The Musical

mixed by DJ Stanley Logan, this mixtape gives a basic perspective of the thought process in creating Graduation.. wtf? was i just tryin to "kick some knowledge"? you damn right! and oh yeah- Happy Valentines Day, Muh'lissa...

1. I wonder feat. labbi siffre
2. Touch the sky feat. curtis mayfield
3. Flashing lights feat. colin munroe & clipse
4. Champion feat. steely dan
5. Everything i am feat. prince p
6. Drive slow feat. hank crawford, 2pac &t.i.
7. Roses feat. bill withers
8. Addiction feat. etta james
9. Good life medley feat. michael jackson& estelle
10. All falls down spokenword/acoustic feat. lauryn hill

Kanye West- Graduation The Musical

(props to rhn)

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