Tuesday, March 11, 2008

DJ 1Mic & Tragedy Khadafi - Stray Shots

first off, i wanna say- Free Tragedy. and, Juice. now. this mixtape, is whut im talm bout! if you are over the age of 25, and you dont know who this guy is- you simply lawst at life.. got alot of classics, some unreleased joints, and.. just trust me. you wont be disappointed

01. Intro
02. Righteous scrolls feat p.a. [prince ali]
03. Mindstate feat killa sha
04. Get back feat prodigy, ammo
05. Taste of revenge feat prodigy, uno
06. Revoloution feat m eighty, sas one
07. Pleasure to know em feat trez
08. Lyrical calisthetics
09. Drama feat betrayl
10. Judas theory
11. Venom
12. The turnaround feat capone
13. Half way thugs unreleased
14. Gorilla arms feat cnn, half a mil
15. Where do we go
16. Grand groove
17. Move like this feat trez, littles
18. Wishin on a star feat trez
19. Parole violators feat cnn

DJ 1Mic & Tragedy Khadafi - Stray Shots

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DJ 1Mic said...

this tape is so damn fake... i dunno who had the balls to put my name on it... but ive had the cd removed from numerous uploading sites.... dj 1mic did not make that cd... its just my myspace mix as the intro with a bunch of old tragedy songs